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Most Useful Cheats 

UI Cheats Extension Mod is useful if you use cheats in your game, instead of typing in these cheats, it allows you to change needs levels, skill levels, relationship levels, money funds, career levels, with just one click or right-click

Enables cheats such as making the sim happy, disallowing needs to decay, modify the sim in Create-a-Sim, add the sim to the household, etc.


  • try Shift+Clicking on a sim or an object 

testingCheats true

bb.moveobjects on

you can move and place objects anywhere with no more limitations.

  • Try 9 and 0 to move object up and down the wall.

  • Try pressing down ALT when holding the object, you get even more freedom. 


Allows you to have full editing of Any Sim when in Create-a-Sim, you can change body and face features, traits, aspirations, etc.


  • Try SHIFT+clicking on a sim and clicking "Modify in CAS" (you need to enter "testingCheats true" before).

freerealestate on



Makes homes free when you move in Households in Manage worlds

Gives you +50,000 Simoleons into your household funds

unlocks locked items (that usually can only be unlocked through specific gameplay Achievements 

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