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Every now and then there are Mod Updates or Patch Updates. Patch Updates are usually when a new pack is coming out. Sims 4 updates usually mean the mods we use need to be updated too, in order to work with the newest version of the game. Here are a few simple steps to take every time you update your game and mods (so that you don't break CC or experience game crashes):

Each Step is Explained Further (keep scrolling down):


Step 1: Updating The Sims 4 game (move mods folder to desktop before opening Origin) 1:07


Step 2: Update Mods (Check which Mods need updating, do not run game with unupdated mods, remove game mods from mods folder, CC is ok to keep: 6:34 + 13:52; Replace Old Mod files with New: 9:45)



-Here are some main mods that usually need updating (DO NOT DELETE ANY "SETTINGS" FILES):





Step 3: Fixing/Removing broken mods (mods /CC that are still broken after update)

Step 1: Remove Mods Folder from Sims 4 folder(located:Documents>Sims 4>Mods)by placing it in your desktop (drag+drop)


Step 2: Go to The Sims 4 in Origin, click Gear Icon under "PLAY." (Your game will automatically update if you don't turn the automatic updating off in Origin settings).

  • I recommend turning it off because it will update with your mods still in the game. When you find out there is a new patch update, DON'T OPEN ORIGIN UNLESS YOU REMOVED YOU MODS FOLDER FIRST!


Step 3:Click Update...

After it updates (without the mods

folder), click "Play." The game

will open. Go into game options

and enable script mods and custom

content in game options... DO NOT



(you will have to re-do sims and homes that

have CC!).

Step 4: Place Mods Folder back into Sims 4 folder (Documents>Sims 4>Mods). You can now open The Sims 4 safely! However, I recommend checking and updating all mods for the new patch or it may break your game! So, remove game mods from mods folder, you can keep CC, and find the updated mods.

Step 5: Before running the game, check to see if any of the mods you use need updating! If you do not update them, it can crash your game or cause glitches.

Safely Updating The Sims 4 

Screenshot (414).png

Updating Mods

  • If you are updating the game, update mods BEFORE running the game after updating the Sims 4!

  • Not all mods need to be updated, I suggest checking forums.thesims (CLICK HERE) to see which mods you have were broken!

  • Check specific mod sites for "Last Updated Date" and see if you missed the last update. You can also check the "Version" (Ex: V.1.0) to see if you have the right version of the mod! You can check the version by looking at the mod files in your Mods Folder and next to the Script File of the specific mod, there should be a version number (Ex: V.3.1).

Step 1: Remove any files of the specific mod from your Mods Folder.(Documents>Sims 4>Mods>*SPECIFIC MOD FILES*). WARNING: DO NOT DELETE A FILE WITH the word "SETTINGS," that file is generated when the mod is used in game and holds all your settings (e.g. MC Command Center), you will lose the previous settings if you delete it!


Step 2: Go to the mod's website and download it again. Place the new files inside the Mods Folder (just the same as downloading it for the first time, just make sure the previous files were deleted).

You can watch tutorials on how to download them again if it helps:


Step 3: Click below for:

Step 4:Make sure you opened the game and enabled game options and CC beforehand!

Step 5: Check here if some CC or furniture is broken (to fix or remove):

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