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EX: ctrl +F: TS4

Press ctrl + F, and type the word you need more info about!

Story Progression

If you have played previous Sims games, this term may sound familiar. In the Sims 3, all inactive sims exist in the same open world. This means that when a sim moves out of your active household, they still lives their own separate life. They can go to college and get a degree, get married, have kids, etc. Just like real life! This goes for every sim in your game, whether it be a guy you see passing by in the park, or a childhood friend you made years ago.
Unfortunately, this didn’t make it into The Sims 4, along with many other things…

Try MC Command Center if you want a similar Story Progression experience back for your sims. CLICK HERE

Base Game

The Official Sims 4 that you download without any expansion packs, stuff packs, game packs. Some mods or CC require certain packs. 


Acronym for "The Sims 4."


Ever wish you could have more than 8 sims in a household? There’s a mod for that!

Ever wish you could have you teen get pregnant? There’s also a mod for that!

Ever wish your kids and toddlers could have crushes too? You guessed it, there is a mod for that too!

Ever wish your sims could get drunk, high, murder-? Ok, ok, you get it, there’s a mod for everything!

There are countless mods that allow you to do all kinds of things that the base game limits you to.

CC or Mods are added content to your game that can vary from additional clothes, hair,  to furniture. Mods allow for different game play which can include  murdering, pregnant teens, drugs and alcohol, etc.

To learn more about Mods and CC and how to download them, CLICK HERE.


It is necessary to extract any Zip Folder, Rar File,  or 7z File. I suggest using 7-Zip to do this (CLICK HERE FOR LINK).

This allows you to obtain only Script files and Package Files, which are CC and Mods for your game. 


To learn more about Mods and CC and how to download them, CLICK HERE.

Alpha CC

More realistic CC (clothes, hair) as opposed to Maxis Match that resembles the style of the base game sims content

Maxis Match CC

 CC (clothes, hair)  that  resembles the style of the base game sims content. People will sometimes refer to Maxis Match hair as clay hair.

The "downloads folder" is where the CC and mods you download download to! You then move the downloaded files to the Mods folder:

  • Documents>Electronic Arts> Sims 4> Mods


Script Files

Script files are what allow for GAME mods, altering the gameplay in game. Script files can only be placed no deeper than one folder in Mods folder :

  • Documents>Electronic Arts>Mods (Place script file here)​​


  • Documents> Electronic Arts>Mods>*NAME OF MOD* Folder (new folder you create, place script file here)

YOU MUST ENABLE SCRIPT MODS AND CC (in game options), in able for The Sims 4 to detect the mod (script file)!

Game Options

Game options can be found in the upper right corner of  The Sims 4, click on the  "...".

Game options allows you to change display settings, gameplay settings, camera settings, etc.

Here is where you can enable script mods and CC (in "other"), so that you can play The Sims 4 with mods!

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