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How to Install Sims 4 Studio (S4S)

Sims 4 Studio allows you to do a variety of things (click on them to learn more):

  1. Batch Fix (fixing your CC)

  2. Create your own CC

HOW TO DOWNLOAD: Sims 4 Studio (YouTube tutorial at bottom of page)

Step 1: In order to download it go to the website:

Step 2: Click the “wishes” version if you have a PC/ “candy apple” if you have a mac

Step 3: You need to register, once you do, just login and it will redirect you to the downloads page.

Step 4: Scroll down until you see “download,” click on either links bellow it.

Step 5: Check your downloads folder and then open the Sims 4 Studio folder.

Step 6: It will tell you to “extract all,” click that. You may need a file extract application such as 7-Zip (click here to download for free) or WinRar.

Step 7: Open the folder again and you will see many folders. Ignore them. Scroll down to until you see “Sims 4 Studio” with an application sign next to it. Click it.

Step 8: Follow the instructions and it should open once you have finished the process.

To download Sims 4 Studio: CLICK HERE
CAUTION: you need to “register” in order to download the application

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