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How to Install Empty Worlds Mod

Ever want to play a Sims game with completely empty worlds without having to delete all of the pre-built and placed houses manually?

This mod allows you to have all the worlds empty of any pre-built and placed lots!

Sims 4 unfortunately took away the option to place empty lots into the world the way The Sims 3 did. It gives you less freedom to create your own world, but this mod gives you some of that freedom back by letting you start from SCRATCH!

I used this blank canvas to customize my worlds with schools, nightlife areas, suburban neighborhoods, wealthy towns, adding some malls and even Maclaren’s bar from How I Met Your Mother, usually using the Gallery.

To download the Empty Worlds Mod (Scroll to Bottom for YouTube Tutorial):

Step 1: Click the link below

Step 2: Scroll down and click “Download”

Step 3: Open your “downloads folder” and extract the RAR file (you can use 7-Zip). It will then show up as a folder.

Step 4: Select all the files in the folder and then drag it to

  1. Documents>Electronic Arts>Sims 4>Saves

  2. CAUTION: make sure the save has different numbers than your other saves!

Step 5: Open The Sims 4 game and in the main menu select “load game”

The empty lots should be there as a saved game!

To download this Empty Worlds mod CLICK HERE

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