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How to Batch Fix

Batch Fixing can fix a number of your problems.

Is your CC furniture disappearing when you place it? are you getting a “Script call failed message that looks like this?

script fail

Are your Sims in CAS blacked out/ have a question mark on them when you try to use certain CC like this?

Batch fixing fixes your CC basically. CC can be broken either because you downloaded outdated CC or it is no longer up to date, you downloaded an already corrupt file, but it is most likely the case that after a patch update a lot of CC had broken.

WARNING: Before updating your game, remember to remove your mods folder first or there is a higher chance of it breaking your CC!

How to Batch Fix (YouTube Tutorial at the bottom)


To batch fix, you will need the Sims 4 Studio (S4S)


Once downloaded:

  1. Go into Tools>Batch Fixes>Objects>Fix Objects for Cats and Dogs Patch (example)

  2. Go into Tools>Batch Fixes>CAS

Image result for batch fixing sims 4studio

If you have the most updated version the batch fix will be under “content management” instead of “tools.”

EX: Content Management>Batch Fixes>Objects>Fix Objects for Cats and Dogs Patch


Once you click on what you want to fix. A message box will pop up, where you then click “Run.

Image result for batch fixing sims 4studio


After it is finished running (it may take a long time, depending on how much CC you have) A folder will pop up called “batch fixes” (which can be found in Documents>Sims 4 Studio>Batch Fixes).

STEP 5 (optional)

  1. Open the folder (look at the date and time corresponding to when you ran your last batch fix), there you will find a folder called “backup.”

  2. The folders within should be separated into categories that you created for your mods. The are you backup files before being fixed in case you still need them.

WARNING: If you have a folder called “failed,” move the packages back into the mods folder! If you don’t the CC may still exist in the game but without its coding.

If your CC still doesn’t work, maybe it is for another reason. In that case try these other tips (CLICK HERE)

To find out more about S4S: CLICK HERE
(P.S. You need to make an account to download it and the version is called “Sims 4 Studio (Wishes)”)
To download S4S CLICK HERE
For a YouTube tutorial on how to download S4S: CLICK HERE 
Watch a YouTube tutorial on how to batch fix: /watch?v=lRbyTib3qcQ&t=13s
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