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How To Install the Explore Mod

Ever feel like your sims’ lives are a little repetitive and predictable? Do you wish there were more things your sims could do in their free time, like go shopping, get their nails done, go on vacation, get take out, do fun and more realistic leisure activities? Well, there’s a mod for that! The Explore Mod allows your sim to all of those things and MORE!

Link to Explore Mod:

How to Install Explore Mod (skip to bottom of post for Video YouTube Tutorial:

Read below for details on how to download it!

STEP 1: Go top the website:

STEP 2: Scroll to the bottom until you see "DOWNLOAD NOW," then click "Click here," I recommend the one under "Ad-Free" (MediaFire).

STEP 3: You are brought to MediaFire. Click "Download."

STEP 4: Open folder in downloads. Then, Unzip the folder (use file opener, recommended (free): 7-Zip), by double-clicking on the folder.

STEP 5: Move the files inside each folder once you open the "KS- Explore Mod" folder to your mods folder: Documents>Electronic Arts>Sims 4>Mods>Explore Mod (Create this new folder)

  1. First, move the "KS-Explore Mod.ts4script" into the new folder inside the mods folder.

  2. Then, drag and drop all files inside each of all four folders (not the folders themselves!)

  3. Open the "Slime & Clay" folder inside "Explore Mod Acessories" folder and move only the files inside the new folder in the mods folder (do not move the folder itself).

WARNING: Make sure script mods and custom content are checked in Game Options in The Sims 4 game, or this mod will now show up and cannot be used!

To download the Explore Mod: CLICK HERE
To learn more on how to download mods/cc: CLICK HERE
For more Must Have Mods for your game: CLICK HERE

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