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How to Install 7-Zip (Unzip Folders and Extract Rar files)

Mods and CC can come in forms of Rar, ZIP, and 7z files. These need to be extracted in order for them to work in your game.

7-Zip is a downloaded *FREE* application for your computer. This application allows you to open RAR and ZIP and 7z files.

Download 7-Zip here:

  • Installing 7-Zip: 0:09

  • Unzipping and Extracting Zip folders and Rar files: 1:47

  • If the "extract" option doesn't show up when you right-click (options): 3:19

Before I found out about this FREE app, I’d use an online website, but it has a maximum number of files you can open a day. So you can check that out HERE, if you don’t want to download anything onto your computer; however, this does take more time!

Downloading 7Zip is so much easier!

Read below for Part I: How to download 7-Zip and Part II: How to extract files

Part I: How to download 7-Zip

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Click on “Download


Step 3: After following and completing the installation steps, open it.

Step 4: Go to the top menus:

  1. Select “TOOLS

  2. Select “OPTIONS

  3. Go into “System” (You’ll see a list with check boxes)

  4. At the bottom click “Select all” and then click “OK

Part II: How to extract files

Step 1: Right-click on your RAR, ZIP, or 7z file in your downloads folder (you can extract multiple at once by selecting them) and you’ll see “7-Zip” as an option.

Step 2 (A): Click on “7-Zip

Step 3 (B): Click on “Extract here


Step 4: You should see the contents of the files underneath it. Move them to the Mods folder as you would do with any other package file.

For a YouTube tutorial on how download and use 7-Zip: CLICK HERE
Learn more about what mods are and how to download them: CLICK HERE

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