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2020 Vision | Maxis Match Lookbook (all CC links included)

Hair: Curly Medium, with some pulled back: Curly Medium: Pulled Back Medium Hair: Short Side-Shaved:

Swept Back Medium Wavy Hair:

Short Wavy Hair:

Wavy Short Hair with Hair Behind Ears:

Wavy Medium Hair, Pulled Back Twisted:

Tops: Tucked in Sweater: Cropped Short-Sleeve Blouse: Tied-Up-Tank: Cropped T-Shirt:

Cropped T-Shirt 2: Tucked-In T-Shirt:

Tied up T-Shirt:


Side Tie Around Wrapped Crop Top:

Crop top T-Shirt with Fanny Pack:

Long Sleeve Cropped (Undershirt):

Bottoms: High Wasted Jeans:

High Waster Jeans 2: Checkered High Wasted Pants: Checkered Loose High Wasted Trousers 2: Corduroy Pants: Basic Mom Jeans:

Corduroy Skirt:


High-Waste Workout Sweatpants:

Cargo Pants:

Sweatpants with tie:

Wide High Wasted Jeans (Harper):

Elastic Waste Shorts:

Dresses: Lace Strap Dress: Loose Dress with Frill Bottom:

Long Fitted Maxi Dress:

Plain Above the Knee Sleeveless Dress (Chae Dress V2):

High Wasted Pants with Chain:

Mesh Transparent Dress:


Shoes: UGGs: Platform Boots: Adidas Sneakers: Low Ankle Boots with Buckle: Plattform Above Ankle Converse: Platform Below Ankle Converse: Madlen Kori Boots (High Heel):

Leather Slip on Sandals:

Plateau Boots with Laces and Heal:


High Heal Leather Sandals with Strap:

Slip-On Open-Toe Low Heal:

Triangle Heels:

Closed-Toed High Heels:


Slip on Vans (make sure to download Mesh too):

Jackets: Teddy Jacket:

Winter Jacket:

Jean Jacket with Swater Hood:


Crop Hoodie:

Bathing suits: Bikini:

Low V-Neck One Piece:

Off the Shoulder One Piece:

Hats: Beenie:

Baseball Cap:

Glasses: Wire Glasses 1: Wire Glasses 2: Skin Details: Freckles:


If you want to know how to download them (CC/Mods):Click here!
If you want to know more about and download the Posing Mods: Click here!

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